71×142 Inch Oversized Emergency Blanket, Emergency Zone Brand, Reflective Thermal Blanket

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  • 71 x 142 inches--most blankets are 52 x 84 inches--twice the area of standard emergency blankets
  • Conserve and share body heat for added survival
  • Reflects and retains up to 80% of your body heat
  • Puncture resistant
  • Emergency Zone Brand

Product Description

Emergnecy Zone Brand reflective blanket is a must for every emergency kit. This solar blanket relfects 80% of your body heat, conserving heat in an emergency situation. In addition, this blanket is over twice the size of other reflective blankets allowing 2 or even 3 people share body head. Survival experts recommend shared body heat to prevent hypothermia, but other blankets are just too small to wrap around more than one person. A single oversized reflective blanket is superior to two standard ones.

Product Detail

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