Anchor Pro Liquid Chalk 4oz. – Enhanced Grip Strength for Weightlifting and Rock Climbing – Made in the USA

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  • LONG LASTING FORMULA - Stays on your hands for your whole workout! Tackier and stronger than ever before, contains pine rosin so it doesn't come off during your workouts. Have confidence in our product while rock climbing, weightlifting, power lifting, or during grueling Crossfit and gymnastics workouts. Lab tested to increase friction, giving you the strongest grip.
  • EXPERIENCE INCREASED PERFORMANCE - Anchor Pro is the #1 rated liquid chalk. Used for Weightlifting, Rock Climbing, Golf, Baseball, Tennis, Football, anywhere grip and dry hands are essential. Say goodbye to sweaty hands! For example, when using lifting straps, your hands and forearms aren't getting the workout they could be. With our liquid chalk you get enhanced grip without sacrificing training opportunity!
  • PURE, SAFE INGREDIENTS - The only liquid chalk on the market made with pure magnesium carbonate & pine rosin. Does not contain any of the impurities, drying agents and heavy metals found in other chalks. You'll feel the difference immediately!
  • USE ANYWHERE, NO MESS - Quick drying. Once dry, our liquid chalk won't rub off on rocks, clothing or gym equipment! Some gyms ban the use of chalk because of the mess, frequently in hotel gyms, franchise gyms, climbing gyms and some Crossfit boxes. This product can be used in any gym as it makes no mess! Have safer hands anywhere, anytime. Much easier to travel with than chalk bags, loose powder or block chalk. A bottle of liquid chalk can be taken everywhere!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We are so confident that Anchor Pro Liquid Chalk will exceed your expectations that we offer a 30-Day no risk money back guarantee!

Product Description

Do you need a high-performance chalk to compliment your active lifestyle?
Anchor Pro Liquid Chalk is the best liquid chalk on the market. Extremely tacky and will last through intense workouts, HIIT sessions, Crossfit WODs, gymnastic routines and rock faces.
Perfect for all strength workouts, powerlifting, weightlifting, and kettlebell lifts. Don't slip your grip while exercising. Great for rock climbing, gymnastics, tennis, baseball, basketball, football and bowling!

Hand chalking eliminates the need for lifting straps, accelerating grip and forearm development. Get a strong grip on slick, worn barbells as well as those without raised knurling.

Our product has the best performance on the market because it's made with the highest quality ingredients: Pure Magnesium Carbonate & Pine Rosin sustainably sourced from Georgia's slash pine forests.
Added pine rosin is why Anchor Pro lasts longer than any other chalk.

Better results at the gym for less! 100+ applications per 4 oz. bottle.

We source and manufacture all of our chalk products in the USA. We do not buy chalk from other countries and re-label. This is pure magnesium carbonate with pine rosin added for longevity.

1. Shake well before each use
2. Apply a small amount to hands
3. Evenly coat and wait to dry
Enjoy dry hands and the tackiest grip you've ever felt during your workout!

Comes with our 30-Day money back guarantee and LIFETIME warranty. Click "Add to Cart" and get yours now!

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