Bushman Ax by Les Stroud

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  • Head weight : 1.6 Lbs
  • Handle length : 22 Inches
  • Blade length : 3 3/4 inches
  • Head length : 6 inches

Product Description

World-renowned for their quality, durability and design, Wetterlings axes are made to last even the toughest outdoor lifestyle. That's why Les Stroud is partnering with Wetterlings to release his new line of hand-forged axes called The Bushman Axe by Survivorman Les Stroud. Wetterlings wants to make an axe for nomad life and adventure traveling, and they chose to work with Les since he truly knows what it's like to be a bushman. As an experienced survival instructor and traveler, Les has a great understanding of what an axe needs for survival situations. It was truly a natural fit for Les and Wetterlings to partner in the design of this axe. The unique Bushman by Survivorman Les Stroud is both an axe and a hammer. The wedge shaped head ensures extreme splitting power, while the long, broad blade is good for felling or carving. The neck is a distinct hammer and includes a finger notch making it easy to do detailed, precision work. The American Hickory handle is long enough to be a two-hand axe for wood splitting and felling.

Product Detail

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