Ef Chlor (NaDCC) – Portable Water Purification Tablets – BULK PACK OF 100 STRIPS [1000 TABLETS] – Each Tablet Purifies 6.6 GALLONS

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  • Who knows where the next natural disaster is going to hit? Be Prepared with Water Purification.
  • BULK Pack of 100 Strips, 1000 Total Tablets (Purifies 6,600 - 13,000 GALLONS of Water!)
  • Applications: Drinking Water Purification, Hospital Disinfection, Baby Bottle Sterilizing
  • Janitorial Cleaning, Food and Catering, Fruit and Vegetable Disinfection
  • Fast treatment of water for: Emergency and Disaster, Travel and Camping, Household

Product Description

Ef-Chlor (NaDCC tablets) is a broad spectrum fast acting sanitizer and water sterilizer, rapidly effective against BACTERIA, VIRUSES, FUNGI, and PROTOZOA. Total spectrum of activity is effective against hydro hypophilic viruses, Gram positive & Gram negative bacteria, fungi mould, yeast, mycoplasmas and protozoa.

A solution to growing pollution of Mineral water bottles is offered by our portable drinking water purification tablets providing clean, bacteria and germ free water, anytime, anywhere!

These tablets are extra strength - one tablet will purify 6.6 GALLONS of contaminated water or 13 gallons of clear water. Don't waste your money on tablets that are less potent.

RECOMMENDED by leading infection control experts worldwide. EFFECTIVE against virtually all known bacteria, viruses, and spores. SAFE to handle and store. ECONOMIC and ACCURATE - no under or over dosing. GREATER BIOCIDAL EFFECT - Rapid release of HOCI encouraging fast biocidal activity forming clear disinfecting solution. MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY than alternative disinfectants. FAST DISSOLVING and ready to use quickly. STABLE tablets with 2-3 year shelf life. RESISTANT to organic spoilage.

Directions: Dissolve one (1) tablet in water. Thoroughly mix water to ensure complete disinfection. Let stand 30 minutes. Water is ready to use.

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