LEDwholesalers Brightest Mini Pocket Keychain Size CREE LED Flashlight Runs on 1 AAA Battery with on / off Switch and Lanyard, 7338bk

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  • Superbright Q2 CREE LED, 90 Lumen output
  • Push button on/off switch at tail cap
  • Mini Size that fits in Keychain, Aluminum housing
  • Waterproof/shockproof
  • Only runs on 1 AAA battery,

Product Description

Product Code: 3 WATT CREE LED HP MINI POCKET EDC FLASHLIGHT DESCRIPTION: HIGH POWERED PROFESSIONAL GRADE LED POCKET FLASHLIGHT FOR EVERY DAY CARRY FEATURES:  High powered bright white 3 watt Cree LED in a mini flashlight with lanyard. Precision machined threads for durability. Scratch resistant black finish. BENEFITS: This model is the most functional EDC (Every Day Carry). It is so small you can loop the lanyard on your keychain as the highest powered keychain flashlight or just keep it in the bottom of your pocket. It shines hundreds of feet in distance on just one AAA battery. It can be run on one AAA Heavy Duty or Alkaline battery. It's a great main light since spare AAAs are so easy to carry. It's also an exceptional back up in case your larger main flashlight was to run low. This tiny flashlight is seriously powerful. It's deep textured reflector generates a tight center beam illuminating out to a few hundred feet in distance. It has sufficient blinding power for use as a quick and handy self defence weapon. This great reflector also produces a wide outer moon beam for uniform illumination necessary for walking or everyday work. The rear clicky switch is much easier to use one handed than most of the twisty head styles. The hard durable black finish keeps them looking new for a long time. They are so handy that most of the staff at our office carry one in their pocket everyday as a bright little light for work or for on the way home in the evening. You will be thoroughly satisfied with the features and brightness of your new mini pro grade pocket light. Specifications: LED Type: 3 Watt Cree LED LED Life: 50,000 to 100,000 Hours Body Material: Machined Aluminum Battery: 1 AAA Heavy Duty or Alkaline Battery Life: 30 minutes + moon phase Switch Type: Rear clicky Weight: One Ounce Head Diameter: 0.69" or 17.5 mm Over All Length: 3.18" or 81mm

Product Detail

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