SilverFire Scout Backpack Bug Out Bag Gasifier Twig Stove

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  • Ultra Lightweight 12 Oz Backpack Stove, TLUD Gasifier, Twig Stove, Fossil Fuel Freedom!
  • All Stainless Steel Modular Construction, Compact, Practical Technology, Durable, Clean Burning!
  • No Moving Parts, No Electronics, No Fuel To Carry, Zero Post Manufacturing Carbon Footprint!
  • Low Emissions, Low Fuel Use, & Low Cost!

Product Description

The SilverFire® Scout is an ultra lightweight wood fired gasifier stove, that operates on twigs or flammable biomass. Finally the perfect TLUD* compact stove for backpacking or bug out bags. This all stainless steel stove's state-of the art design blends practical technology, durable materials, and ease of use. Our simple modular stove is the diameter of a CD and the profile is only 2 & 1/2" tall when collapsed and stowed in our nylon bag. The Scout TLUD is a leading compact gasifier stove design (vs bulkier Solo, BioLite, Bush Buddy, & Wood Gas stove options). Clean burning gasification is provided by natural draft ventilation. The stove produces high heat for a twenty minute burn with a single load of ordinary twigs. There are no moving parts, no electronics, and a zero post-manufacturing carbon footprint. Specifications: Stove Height Assembled: 6 & 3/4 inches Diameter: 5 Inches Collapsed: 2 & 1/2" Weight: 12 Oz Construction: All stainless steel Combustion Design: TLUD *TLUD (Top Lit Up Draft) stoves are the latest product of extensive laboratory research. Also known as Wood Gasification Stoves, a well tuned TLUD efficiently mixes hot flu gases with primary and secondary preheated air, resulting in through combustion. You will be amazed by both the lack of smoke, and the small amount of fine ash left in the ash plate, below the combustion chamber. *In the interest of weight, the SilverFire Scout is a non-insulated type stove. Handle with care, outdoor use only! *After combustion the stove is hot and may contain live embers. Handle with care and bury bio char (ashes & embers) appropriately. *While twigs and flammable biomass can be found in most outdoors, SilverFire encourages the highest sensitivity to the environment. Gathering twigs in the wild may not be appropriate, especially at alpine elevations.

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