Slackline Kit: 52 Foot Classic Trickline Slackline Set for Slackers of all ages from Slackline Kids to Slack Line Adults

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  • Slackling can help teach balance, strength, and coordination to kids and adults alike.
  • Trickline kit includes rope, ratchet, and gear carrying case.
  • Comes with complete instructions for easy line installation.
  • Slackline can be easily moved lower or higher depending on experience level.
  • Practice balancing tricks and amaze your friends and family!

Product Description

Slack lining is an up and coming sport that is great for teaching kids and adults balance, strength, and coordination. This 52 foot trick line slack line set is for beginners and experts alike. The kit comes with all the slackline gear you need to get started and easy instructions for setting up the slackline rope. You can attach the slack rope lower for kids and beginners, and easily raise it higher for experts. Before you know it, you'll be performing all sorts of slack line rope tricks and amazing your friends and family with your balance and coordination.

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