Totti Button Ski Hangers, 5-Pack for a Button Ski Rack

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Product Description

Do it yourselfers that want to build thier own Button Ski Racks can buy packages of 5 each TBSR Buttons to bolt to the backboard of thier choice. The backboard can be a 1x4 board, a chair rail (attached with screws) an old ski, or even a snowboard. They can also be bolted to a solid structure such as a railing, a post or a barrel. Stand- alone floor stands can also be built for the TBSR Buttons. TBSR buttons are injection molded plastic fixures that can hold much more than the weight of a pair of skis. TBSR buttons are attached with a 1/4" bolt. They must stand 3/4" to 1" away from the wall. Installation height is typically 42" off the floor. A nut and a bolt is recommended when installing them on a backboard. Like the hand built Totti Button Ski Rack, Button Ski Racks, built with DIY TBSR Buttons, hold an alpine skis by engaging the toe piece of the ski. The mating ski is attached by engaging the ski brakes. If there are no ski brakes, a strap is required. They are compatible with all shapes of alpine skis. Your fat rockered powder skis can now be stored next to your carving skis and your alpine race skis in almost half the space of traditional ski racks.

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