Totti Button Ski Rack (24 Inch, 5 Position)

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  • All skis from fat park skis, to shaped carving skis can be stored, side by side, on these patented ski storage systems.
  • Skis stored with their graphics facing the room take up nearly half the wall space of skis stored sideways.
  • Ski graphics are as much a part of the skis as the structure. The Button Ski Rack will put this artwork on display.
  • Simple two piece backboard makes installation neat and easy. This feature means that studs behind the wall do not dictate ski rack placement.

Product Description

The Totti Button Ski Rack contains a patented feature for hanging snow skis, in pairs, by their binding toe piece. This feature gives the Button Ski Rack unique advantages over all other ski storage systems. Now skis do not need to be hung by their tips or stood on their tails in racks that must come in different sizes to accommodate the shape of your skis. Super fat, rockered skis can now be stored on the same rack with narrow race or carving skis. Button Ski Racks are not available in stores. See installation (assembly) instructions at the Totti Button Ski Rack website.

Product Detail

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