Volkl 100Eight Skis

  • List Price: $800.00


  • Dimensions: 141 / 108 / 124 mm
  • Profile: full rocker
  • Construction: 3D Ridge, Tough Box (fiberglass and composite cap)
  • Core: multi-layer wood (poplar and ash)
  • Tail: flat

Product Description

The dearly departed Gotama left some big shoes to fill, but the new Völkl 100Eight Skis are fully up to the task. A lighter, snappier version of the "Goat," the 100Eight uses Völkl's new 3D Ridge construction to trim mass from the edges of the ski without detracting from the bomber all mountain performance that people loved about the old ski. A blast on anything from a foot of powder to hard corduroy groomers, the 100Eight is proof for all those who doubt the existence of a true "quiver of one" - it can be done and Völkl's achieved it.

Product Detail

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