Wild Country Pro Guide & Synergy Lite SG Belay Device

  • List Price: $34.95


  • Neat and ergonomic it's simple to operate, smooth in use and its guide mode allows safe rigging to bring up twin followers.
  • Cleverly and importantly it's easy to free under load in guide mode in the event of a fall with our built in release slot.
  • Aimed at adventure climbers, alpinists and guides it works on ultra-modern ropes of 7.7mm and upwards and pays out or catches falls with equal aplomb
  • Synergy Lite - Closed GateStrength: 21kN - Open Gate Strength: 7kN - Minor Axis Strength: 7kN
  • Pro Guide Weight: 84g / 2.96oz Synergy Lite: 78g / 2.75oz

Product Description

Wild Country offers Ascent and Belay sets with the optimal carabiner from our range to use with each device.

Product Detail

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